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Harley Avenue Primary School 


June 2017 Knights of the Month

On Wednesday, May 10th Harley Avenue inducted three new students as Knights of the Month. The new Knights for the month of June are Dahlia Elie-Pierre for Kindergarten, Emily Gerbe for First Grade, and Damian Canela for Second Grade. Dahlia, Emily and Damian are hard-working, respectful, kind, and responsible - just what we look for in our Knights! Congratulations to these wonderful students!

Playground Dedication

On Wednesday, May 3rd we had a very exciting day at Harley Avenue! Not only did we induct three new Knights to our Knight of the Month for May (congrats to Matias, Christopher, and Olivia), but it was also the day our new playground got it's official dedication. Dr. Bossert, Maureen Hull, along with many BOE and PTA members came out to join all the children and staff at Harley to help with the ribbon cutting to open up the new playground equipment! Our music teacher, Mrs. Long, lead the children in singing our Harley Spirit song and the ribbon was finally cut allowing the children access to the new equipment. Thank you to the PTA for this wonderful gift to the present and future children at Harley!


May 2017 Knights of the Month

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Harley celebrated the induction of three new Knights of the Month. Our new Knights are Matias Lopez for Kindergarten, Christopher Monterroso-Alvizures for First Grade, and Olivia White for Second Grade. These new Knights have shown themselves to be hard-working, honest, kind and polite - attributes that we look for in our Knights! Congratulations to Matias, Christopher, and Olivia! We are so proud of you all!

2nd Grade Earth Day Concert

On April 6th and 7th, the Second Graders performed a wonderful Earth Day concert (their last concert at Harley Avenue). Family and friends were invited to watch the students sing, play recycled instruments, and hold up student-made signs to show ways to better care for our Earth. Thank you to Christina Long and all the Second Grade students for their hard work in preparing for this great show!


April 2017 Knights of the Month

On Monday, April 3rd Harley Avenue held it's monthly assembly to honor our new Knights of the Month. This month's Knights are Chloe Kougemitros for Kindergarten, Nicole Popp for First Grade, and Livia Yeisley for Second Grade. These children are a wonderful example of what a Knight of the Month should be: kind, responsible, respectful and polite. Congratulations to Chloe, Nicole, and Livia. We are so proud of you!

Visiting Author

On March 30th we were visited by author Charles R. Smith, Jr. He spoke to all of the students about his adventures, where he gets his ideas about his books, and the process of getting a book published. He talked about some of his personal goals and reminded the children to always reach for theirs! Afterward, he visited some classrooms for a question and answer session with the students. Each student also went home with one of Mr. Smith's books. Thank you to SEPTA for bringing this wonderful author to Harley and for the great books!


March 2017 Knights of the Month

On Tuesday, March 7th Harley Avenue held a Pep Rally to honor our new Knights of the Month. Our new Knights for March are Sloane Hinke for Kindergarten, Meesum Abbas for First Grade and Giselle Palacios-Reyes for Second Grade. These wonderful students have shown themselves to be kind, respectful, thoughtful and hardworking. We are so proud of our new Knights!

Grease Performance

On Tuesday, February 28th the performers from John Glenn HS's production of Grease came to Harley Avenue School to showcase their talents for the children. They performed several songs from the show and even taught the audience how to "Hand Jive"! The children had a great time and got to ask questions to the cast members after the performance. Thank you to the John Glenn actors/actresses!



February 2017 Knights of the Month

On Friday, February 3rd three students were selected as the new Knights of the Month for February. They are Fatima Aguilar for Kindergarten, Giavonna Sofield for First Grade and Kaylee Mossey for Second Grade. We are so proud of the girls for being not only great students, but great friends and role models to their fellow classmates. Way to go Fatima, Giavonna and Kaylee!

January 2017 Knights of the Month

On Wednesday, December 4th Harley Avenue School held an assembly to honor our new Knights of the Month for January 2017. This month's Knights are Miles Boremski in Kindergarten, Georgia Creter in First Grade, and David Palencia in Second Grade. We are so proud of our new Knights and the qualities they demonstrate: being kind, polite, helpful, respectful and responsible. What a great way to start the new year!

Gingerbread Houses

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, the Kindergartners created beautiful Gingerbread houses! Family members were invited to Harley to work with their child. Each child and their partner built their gingerbread house using graham crackers, icing and many different kinds of candy. It was a fun and festive event for all!

December Knights of the Month 2016

On Friday, December 9th an assembly was held at Harley Avenue School to announce our new Harley Knights for the month of December. This month's honorees are* Dylan Jhaveri* for Kindergarten,* Joseph Meyer* for First Grade, and* Ella Mule*' for Second Grade. These students have shown themselves to be respectful, responsible, polite, kind and helpful. All qualities we look for when choosing our new Knights of the Month. Congratulations to Dylan, Joseph and Ella!

Halloween 2016

On Monday, October 31st Harley Avenue ​​celebrated our annual Harvest Festival. Staff and children alike dressed in wonderful costumes. Our Principal, Mrs. Millan (formerly Ms. Toubin) was a Ninja Turtle. The teachers dressed in themes this year according to their grade level. Kindergarten teachers were The Wizard of Oz characters, First Grade teachers were doctors, and the Second Grade teachers were Super Heroes. The classes all paraded around the parking lot to the cheers and camera clicks of parents and friends. Afterward, all the classes participated in the Harley Harvest Festival that took place on the school grounds.The children had a great time! Thank you to all the volunteers that helped to make this day such fun!



November Knights of the Month 2016

On November 4th the Knight of the Month assembly was held at Harley Avenue. The Knights of the Month for November are *Jillian Ferman* for Kindergarten, *Julianne Froh* for First Grade, and* Emily Rivera* for Second Grade. We are so proud of our new Knights! Each of the girls has earned this honor by proving themselves to be trustworthy, hard working, kind, respectful and responsible. After receiving their Knight of the Month tee shirts the girls led their classmates in the Pledge of Allegiance and in the singing of the School Spirit song. Way to go Jillian, Julianne and Emily!!

October Knights of the Month 2016

On October 28 Harley Avenue held it's monthly Pep Rally to honor our new Knights of the Month. October's Knights are Griffin Aebisher for Kindergarten, Marcus Kang for First Grade and Grayden Aebisher for Second Grade. Each of these students has proven himself to be safe, polite, helpful, kind, respectful and responsible. We are so proud of our new Knights! Also, to make the assembly even more special, we all got to present our secretary Ann Gengenbach and our nurse Linda Wilson with flowers to congratulate them on their retirement. What a special day!

Harley Knight of the Month

On Wednesday, September 28th the Harley Knight of the Month Pep Rally was held. The new Knights of the Month for the month of September are Jeffrey Rios Jr. (Kindergarten), Patrick Heffron (1st Grade), and Michael Dalrymple (2nd Grade). Each of these students were chosen for their attributes that exemplify the qualities necessary to be a Harley Knight; being polite, kind, responsible, and respectful. The boys led their teachers and classmates in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and in singing the Harley Spirit song. We are very proud of our new Harley Knights! Congratulations Jeffrey, Patrick and Michael!

Leadership Assembly

On Monday, September 19th the Second Graders met for a Leadership Assembly at Harley Avenue. The assembly was conducted by second grade teacher Ms. Santoriello and was attended by our Superintendent Dr. Bossert and our Principal Ms. Toubin. Prior to the assembly our second grade classes came up with questions to ask our "Leaders". A few students were asked to come up during the assembly to present the questions. Ms. Toubin and Dr. Bossert answered all questions and concluded with Dr. Bossert asking the students what their goals were for the year. Thank you to Dr. Bossert and Ms. Toubin for this informative and fun assembly.



September 12 Hero Assembly

Today, September 12, 2016, 15 years after a "very bad day in our history" we want to celebrate and honor our heroes. We were honored to have Fire Lt. Chris Haack, Ambulance Chief Mike Hoddinott and EMT Donna McPartland, Police Sgt. Jerry Romaine and Officer Mike Caponi join us at our assembly this morning. Our Principal, Ms. Toubin read a book to the children and the they got to turn and talk to their friends about a hero in their life. Afterward, each of our guests was given a bag of "Lifesavers" It was a great reminder of all the wonderful people keeping us safe every day.​​ *At Harley Avenue Primary School we are safe, polite, helpful, kind, respectful, and responsible.* The acronym for HERO and our mantra for the month of September is Help Everyone Respect Others.