Harley Avenue Primary School


Regular School Hours: 9:20 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.

Contact Information:

30 Harley Avenue
Elwood, NY 11731
Phone: (631) 266-5445
Health Office: (631) 266-5478
Please call school nurse with absences - Mrs. Wilson: 266-5478

Principal: Ms. Elissa Toubin


The primary grades (K-2) at Harley Avenue Primary School provide an enhanced language arts program, which reflects the district’s commitment to early development of the key literacy basics of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  The use of big books, leveled readers, and original stories develop skills and elevate strategies for balanced literacy thus creating an authentic literacy experience for the students.  Best practices identify strategies for teaching and learning.

Our literacy program in kindergarten through second grade provides experiences in critical thinking skills, utilizing the best of children’s literature.  The Teacher’s College Units of Study in Reading & Writing support student growth & love of reading & writing.  

Students are grouped heterogeneously with approximately 25 students per class in first and second grades. Kindergarten has approximately 20 students per class.   

Our school day is from 9:20-3:40 and each day includes a special area subject; library, art, music, or physical education.  The children also get to use our new science lab as well as the computer lab.  English Language Learners in kindergarten, grades one and will receive have instruction according to their English proficiency.

The mathematics program is based on the constructivist theory with an emphasis on concrete experiences.  Basic skills are emphasized, with stress placed on thinking and practical use of mathematics, such as measuring, estimating, and probability utilizing a variety of manipulatives.  

Science instruction and activities take place in class and at the science lab.  Students are actively involved with hands-on science experiments.  Science kits, microscopes and other scientific instruments as well as reading materials add to the lab environment.  A teacher assistant is assigned to the lab.

The district’s technology initiative has provided for multiple computers and a Smart Board for each classroom.  Laser printers auxiliary color printers and large screen monitors and Smart Boards are utilized.  Beyond classroom computers, Harley features a computer lab that functions as a resource and instructional center.  All classes are scheduled for 1 period a week in the lab.  The district commitment strives to integrate technology as an instructional tool modeling a vision of the 21st century.

Instructional support in academics as well as related services is provided by trained personnel in reading, speech, social work and psychology.  Academic intervention by the teacher and specialists is given for reading and math.  Two trained reading teachers instruct first grade and second grade students in a literacy lab setting in small groups for thirty minutes multiple cycles throughout the year.  The goal of academic intervention is to assess need and to provide remediation so the student can perform successfully within the classroom.

Each child has the opportunity to learn at the primary school. Not only are support services available, but also each professional is responsible for creating, a caring school community.

Students with special or related services may be found in every class.  There are inclusion classes and multi-grade transition classes.  The inclusion classes have both a regular and special education co-teacher with a teaching assistant.

The Harley Avenue faculty members are highly trained, certified educators, coming from diverse backgrounds to work together to provide an outstanding early childhood program to our district’s youngest population.

Together, we ask you to join with our School Spirit, to provide excellent comprehensive learning for all children.

Elwood Union Free School District
Thursday, September 03, 2015