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Dr. Bossert's Message to the Community, November 19, 2020

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A Message from SCDHS Commissioner

A message from the Suffolk County Department of Health Commissioner, Dr. Gregson Pigott:

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EMS No Place for Hate Committee Recognized for Equity Efforts

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On Nov. 12, the Elwood School District Board of Education was once again happy to recognize several outstanding students who played an integral role in Elwood Middle School being designated as an Anti-Defamation League: No Place for Hate School.

As members of the first EMS Anti-Defamation League: No Place for Hate Committee, these students spoke about bias with their peers, learned how to identify hate and what to do when confronted by it. 

“They also showed their own vulnerability and courage to discuss their experiences with discrimination in front of our entire staff so that we could better understand our students’ experiences with hate, bias and discrimination,” guidance counselor Laurie Lederer said as she introduced each student to the Board. “We are committed to making Elwood Middle School an inclusive, safe and brave community.”

Thanks to their hard work, the No Place for Hate program has spread to Harley Avenue Primary School, James H. Boyd Intermediate School and John H. Glenn High School. 

“I truly appreciate the work of this committee and the work that the middle school did and has done to promote the Anti-Defamation League and the No Place for Hate program,” Superintendent of School’s Dr. Kenneth Bossert said. “While this building really got the ball rolling, your work has spread across the entire district and it’s something that all of our students and faculty are invested in and you helped to make that happen.” 

Congratulations to committee members Alicia Ancewicz, Lily Brown, Julien Bush, Kaylee Facal, Keyth-Endy Jeudy, Ava Leitner, Angelina Lombardi, Maya Mariotti, Justyce Midgett, Christina Munch, Matthew Pepper and Noah Serling.

Following the student recognition portion of the evening, Dr. Bossert then took time to publicly thank District Clerk Mary Lou Marx for her unwavering dedication to the Elwood School District and its community. 

Since school buildings closed in March, he said that Ms. Marx has gone above and beyond the call of duty, calling her a “beacon of light during a dark time.” Each member of the Board echoed those sentiments with the most recently elected trustees, Thomas Scarola and Dr. Sara Siddiqui, thanking her for her guidance in navigating district policies and procedures as they settle in to their new roles.

Dr. Bossert said, “Ms. Marx has been such a valuable resource to this community during the period of closure that words cannot express the value and efforts that she has brought to the district adequately.” 

John Glenn High School Recognizes High-Ranking Seniors

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Congratulations to all of Elwood-John H. Glenn High School’s seniors whose hard work and dedication has earned them summa, magna and cum laude distinctions. The Cum Laude system recognizes three levels of honor: cum laude “with praise,” magna cum laude “with great honor” and summa cum laude “with highest honor.” All of these students earned a weighted G.P.A. of 94-100% and were recognized for taking classes with higher rigor throughout their high school careers. 

The following high-achieving students will graduate in June:

Summa Cum Laude:
Kailee Andersen
Alexander Chestnut
Brennan Finnegan
Theodore Flore
Hadrian Fratarcangeli
David Garcia Jr.
Brynn Geard
Kerri Giambruno
Jake Haddad
Lauren Hoolahan
Sasha Jamal
Kathryn Kuroda
Devin Lee
Alexa Lyons
Daniella Marchese
Molly Miller
Rithika Narayan
Daniel Rourke
Jack Schelin
Cara Schombs
Peter Stavros
William Tella
Matthew Uss
Gregory Vardanian
Juliana Weber 

Magna Cum Laude:
Christopher Addeo
Sean Cioni
Daniel Claffey
Katelyn Cozzi
Britney Faglione
Benjamin Farina
Danielle Fusco
Patrick Goetz
Noah Hessel
Sarah Kleinman
Layla Leunig
Michael Lewis 
Julia Mady-Aguiar
Jenna Min
Andrew Nguyen
Giavanna Nikolic
Joseph Sanelli
Sophia Schindlar
Kyle Smythe

Cum Laude:
Cameron Abrams
Gabriella Aversa
Philip Barragato
Connor Crowley
Kyla Cusick
Shannon Diaz
John (Jack) Flanagan
Sophia Hadjiyane
Ryan Kang
Tanay Rametra
Kyle Van Bell
Emma Voege
Thomas Vorrath