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Harley Avenue students take on ‘Brain Challenge’

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Students at Harley Avenue Primary School put their knowledge to the test as contestants on a live game show on Jan. 14. 

The “Brain Challenge,” created by Holly Rock Entertainment, calls upon students from each grade level to answer questions for a chance to earn points for their respective teams. Much like a television game show, students were divided into two teams and had to collectively answer trivia questions such as “how many letters are in the alphabet?” and “what’s the tenth month of the year?” Additionally, students were asked questions about math, biology, geography and more.

Every other round, students were selected for physical challenges, like hula-hooping, Simon Says, or Tug-o-War. Even the teachers had a chance to join in on the fun.

Throughout each round, team members cheered and encouraged their classmates as they completed the challenges. Students had an incredible time using their knowledge in an unconventional, and very fun, way.


Important: Stranger Safety Alert


Athletic Hall of Fame coming to Elwood

John H. Glenn High School graduates may soon have the opportunity to walk the halls of their high school as the first members to be inducted into the district’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Starting this week, alumni, who graduated at least five years ago, are eligible to be nominated by a fellow graduate, teacher, coach or current student. Nominations will then be reviewed by a selection committee, which will base their selection on certain criteria, including the nominees’ high school athletic career and their impact on the community.

The first induction ceremony is scheduled for May 9 at 8 a.m. at the high school’s gymnasium. Following the induction, the celebration will move to the athletic fields where the inductees will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the John H. Glenn High School baseball game. 

To nominate someone, please fill out the nomination form, which can be found below, and return it to Athletic Director Dave Shanahan no later than Feb. 27.


Amended Board of Education Meeting Schedule for 2019-2020


Calendar Adopted for 2020-21 school year