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Staff Directory


100 Kenneth Avenue
Greenlawn, NY 11740-2900
(631) 266-5400

Administration Philosophy:

The Elwood School District subscribes to the basic goals for the elementary and secondary schools approved by the Regents of the State of New York, namely:


  • Mastery of the basic skills of communication, reasoning, and critical thinking essential to live a full and productive life.
  • Knowledge of the humanities and the sciences at a level required to participate in an ever more complex world.
  • Competence in a second language.
  • Understanding of the process of effective citizenship in order to participate and to perform work in a manner that is gratifying to the individual and to those served.
  • Ability to sustain lifetime learning in order to adapt to the new demands, opportunities, and values of a changing world.
  • Ability to maintain one’s mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • Understanding of human relations – respect for and ability to relate to other people in our own and other nations – including those of different sex, origins, cultures, and aspirations.
  • Competence in the processes of developing values – particularly the formation of spiritual, ethical, and moral values, which are essential to individual dignity and human civilization.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of our culture and capacity for creativity, recreation, and self-renewal.
  • Knowledge of the environment, problems and threats to the environment, and relationship between our own acts and the quality of the environment.
  • Fostering the concept of student responsibility to themselves, to the educational processes and society.

Interim Superintendent of Schools
((631) 266-5400 x 1402)

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
((631) 266-5400 x 1222)

Assistant Superintendent for Business
((631) 266-5400 x 1404)

Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services
((631) 266-5400 x 1437)

Director of Athletics and Physical Education
(631-266-5410 x 3417)

Director of Facilities
(631-266-5400 x 1426)

Director of Human Resources
((631) 266-5400 x 1403)

Director of Humanities

Director of Instructional and Information Technology
((631) 266-5400 x 6283)

Director of Math, Science, Federal Grants K-12

Director of Security
((631) 266-5410 x 3404)

Food Services Director
((631) 266-5400 x 2442)

Elwood-John H. Glenn High School
(Principal - (631) 266-5410)
(Assistant Principal)

(Assistant Principal - (631) 266-5410)

Elwood Middle School
(Principal - (631) 266-5420)
(Assistant Principal - (631) 266-5420)

James H. Boyd Intermediate School
(Principal - (631) 266-5430)

Harley Avenue Primary School
(Principal - (631) 266-5445)