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James H. Boyd Intermediate


Principal's Message

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to James H. Boyd Intermediate School! Our staff strives to provide students in grades three through five with a positive, supportive learning environment. Programs and activities are designed to engage children with diverse interests and learning styles in high quality learning experiences.  Here is the link to curriculum guides for grades 3-5:

In addition to a challenging academic program, we believe in teaching the whole child.  We support student creativity through writing, enrichment activities, our maker space, character education and the power of read alouds.  I have a link to my read aloud video library on the top of this page.

Elwood District Mission Statement

The Elwood Public Schools serve a diverse community and value the unique skills and qualities of all our students from kindergarten through senior year. Our mission is to provide an excellent educational experience that empowers and inspires each student to succeed academically, socially and emotionally in an evolving global society. We invite the entire Elwood community to join us on this journey.

James H. Boyd Intermediate School Mission Statement

James H. Boyd Intermediate creates a safe, secure, and supportive family environment, based on mutual respect, whose goal is to motivate our children to discover their inner potential and flourish as members of our democratic society.


1. We believe that all people have equal inherent worth.
2. We believe that the pillar of our school environment must be mutual respect.
3. We believe that all people are entitled to a safe and secure environment.
4. We believe that all people are individually and collectively responsible for their actions.
5. We believe that learning is the shared responsibility of parents, children, staff and community.
6. We believe that a cohesive community promotes effective schools
7. We believe that the potential to learn is unlimited.


Dr. Toscano

“Boyd Believes in Me.”