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Superintendent’s Search

The Elwood Board of Education has begun its search for its new Superintendent, voting at the June 2023 meeting to enlist the aid of Western Suffolk BOCES in the search process. Representatives from Western Suffolk BOCES will discuss the process at the District Board of Education meeting on September 14, 2023.

April 2024 Update - Letter from Board of Education

Update – February 2024

The Elwood Board of Education is in the interview stage of the Superintendent Search.  There were 29 highly qualified applicants, consisting of educators from across New York State.  The applicants included Superintendents, Central Office Administrators, and Building Level Administrators.  Our search consultants, Western Suffolk BOCES, screened each of these candidates against the candidate profile established based on input from District Stakeholders.  Each candidate’s application materials were reviewed by the Board, leading to the selection of the candidates that most embodied this profile.  Interviews began in January 2024.  Each applicant was asked questions that covered all areas of the work of a Superintendent, including curriculum/instruction, finance, facilities, community relations, labor relations, staffing, Board relations and leadership.  From the initial interviews, candidates were invited to second interviews in February 2024. This interview included additional questioning as well as the assignment of two topics that candidates were required to research and prepare a presentation for the Board.  The Board is expecting to move to further reduce the candidates to finalists in March 2024 for additional interviews.  The Board expects to be able to make the final selection this Spring for our new Superintendent to commence employment by July 1, 2024.

Update - January 2024

The Elwood Board of Education wishes to extend its thanks and appreciation to the entire Elwood community for its assistance in providing input in support of the Superintendent search. We thank all who have responded to the community survey, as well as those who have participated in the various stakeholder meetings.

The responses to the community survey provide valuable input that rank orders the importance of various characteristics we should seek in our new Superintendent. As shown on the survey summary, respondents have identified as most important personal characteristics such as strong human relation skills, high moral and ethical standards, communication and leadership; along with high expectations for accountability, understanding effective teaching practices and being current on educational trends.

Our search consultants, Western Suffolk BOCES, met with 35 representatives from 7 different stakeholder groups, including Civic & Community Groups, PTAs, Bargaining Units, Principals, Directors, Central Office and Confidential Clerical. The summary of the stakeholder feedback mirrors the input garnered on the community survey and focused the priorities of the district on education, leadership, vision, communication and finance. Western Suffolk BOCES has stated, “Stakeholders repeatedly expressed enormous pride and support of their public school system and notable satisfaction with the operation of the school district and the prior superintendent, highlighting currently highly effective practices which should be continued.”

The identified characteristics, issues and needs will be incorporated into the candidate profile and will guide the interview process. The Board will begin interviews of candidates in January 2024.

Final Community Survey Summary


Superintendent’s Search Brochure