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James H. Boyd Intermediate




Boyd Field Day

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Field Day will be here before you know it.  This year we will have a different format then we have had in the past.  We designed field day to have more events and more student focus.  This will allow for optimal student participation and more collaboration with their classmates.  Students will be engaged in activities throughout the day.   

 Please see the following dates and times to view your child during their station activities.  Field day will be held on the back playground.  Once student’s station activities are finished on the back playground, students will return to the building to enjoy the rest of the day.  In order to have ample parking, we ask that parents leave in a timely fashion as to allow for the next grade level of parents to arrive and park their cars.

Please remind your child to be prepared with his/her sneakers for participation.  All children should bring a water bottle marked with their name on it.  If children have a medical note which excludes them from physical education, they cannot participate in Field Day but they can watch and cheer their classmates on.  

Applying sunscreen is important, as we do not have shade on the back playground.  The PTA will be providing shirts for the student this year.  Each class will have a different color.  Please refrain from bringing pets to the field, as it is against school policy.  For the safety of the students we have roped off the area that the students are participating in.  Please feel free to watch from the perimeter of the field around the stations.  Please do not enter where the students are engaged in activity for their safety.

We look forward to seeing you on Field Day!

Thank you,

Mrs. Weiss & Mr. Schiraldi


Times and Dates are as follows:


5th Grade students:  Wednesday June 5, 2019 (rain date June 6) from 9:00-11:00 am


 4th Grade students: Tuesday June 11, 2019 (rain date June 12) from 8:30-10:30 am


3rd Grade students: Tuesday June 11, 2019 (rain date June 12) from 11:40-1:40 pm


*After 3rd grade activities please exit promptly so the school buses can arrive…thank you



Boyd teachers and staff participated in "Dancing with the Teachers" on Friday May 3, 2019.  They were amazing, as always, and won First Place in the competition!  Congratulations!



Leadership Awards 

This Wednesday May 1, 2019 students from the Elwood School District were presented with Student Leadership Awards from Suffolk County.  The ceremony was held at Bay Shore High School.  The following James H. Boyd 5th grade students were acknowledged for this esteemed honor; Megan LeMena, and Christopher Mascia.  The following Elwood Middle School students received the Suffolk County Student Leadership Award as well; Sophia Pelkofsky and Connor Monclova.  In attendance to support their students were Mr. David Shanahan and Mrs. Carla Weiss.

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Invention Convention

Boyd held its annual Invention Convention.  Many students participated and had wonderful ideas and projects to present to the students, staff, parents and community members.  What a fantastic event!  Thank you all who participated in making this event a success.

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Fact Frenzy 2

James Boyd Intermediate held its second Fact Frenzy on Friday February 15, 2019.  Mrs Reilly's class won against Ms. McLeod's class, Mrs. Kahler's fourth grade class won against Mrs. Carvana's class and finally Mrs.  Cornwell's third grade class won against Mr. Arbia's third grade class.  Congratulations to all classes who participated. You are all truly winners!  Happy Vacation!

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Boyd Student Council Welcomes Graduate

For the past two years, the James Boyd Student Council has conducted a fundraiser to help Joe complete his medical mission.  Last year, Joe completed a solo mission.  This year, Joe was able to bring a team of fellow medical students with him.  They provided medical supplies and performed health checks for the people of rural Nepal. Some villagers have never been seen by a doctor.  During their journey, they visited a school that recently reopened after being destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.  The team performed health checks for the students.  This year it has become a district wide project with all schools in the Elwood School district participating in this endeavor.  For more information, see gofundme,

Joe Rizzuto is a JGHS graduate, class of 2011. He has completed his education in Elwood beginning with Kindergarten at Harley Avenue.  Joe completed his undergraduate studies at Boston College and is currently attending Medical School in Australia, but always comes home to spend time with his family.

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Cranberry Day

For Cranberry Day, the third grade children rotated through 6 stations, where they completed cranberry-based activities. These activities included measuring the distance a cranberry will bounce, estimating the number of cranberries in a container, creating cranberry art, tasting different types of cranberries, simulating a cranberry bog, and others. It was a "cran"tastic day!

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Lester Laminack-Author

Lester Laminack is a full time author who visits many schools.  We had the pleasure of welcoming him to Boyd at the end of October. He met with students and spoke about writing with them and how the process of writing a book happens.  He then met with teachers to help them inspire their students to write creatively.  Some of his books include; Saturdays and Teacakes, Three Hens and a Peacock, Jake’s 100th Day of School, and Snow Day.  We really enjoyed his visit and learned so much from him.

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Traveling Through the Genres 

On October 19th, third graders experienced traveling through the genres. 
They took their passports and rotated through 4 classrooms on a discovery journey. Parent volunteers read picture books aloud to the students in each of the classrooms. Children were given a passport stamp to mark their journey. They also had the opportunity to rate each of the books out of 4 stars and tell about their favorite part. 
In Mrs. Cornwell's room they traveled through informational texts learning new facts on animal skeletons in the book Bones and interesting facts about animals in Animal Sizes.  In Mrs. Bove's class the students listened to biographies on some very cool people like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Lonnie Johnson; the man who invented the water gun and lots of other cool things. They experienced folktales and legends in Ms. Gates' classroom with The Great Kapok Tree and The Magic Amber, a Korean folktale. The final part of their journey was a visit to narrative nonfiction in Mrs. Friend's class. They learned how a mother octopus gives up her life to have her babies in The Gentle Giant Octopus and how cool chameleons are in How Chameleons are Cool.

A great time was had by all!

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Junior Achievement

Our fourth and fifth grade classes enjoyed a wonderful and educational day with the Junior Achievement Program.  Each class spent the day in the “JA Our City” program learning practical information about businesses and the main occupations found in those businesses within a typical day.  The children all participated in 5 different sessions including, but not limited to, Inside Cities, Building a City, Dining Out, Making Headlines and You Can Bank on It.  The students had a terrific time acquiring many new skills and concepts.  Meet the future city planners and Thank you, Junior Achievement.

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International Dot Day

Boyd Intermediate School celebrated International Dot Day.  The school community was encouraged to wear their dots to school.  The students experienced a reading of Peter H. Reynold's book, The Dot.  This day is for all people to harness their creativity.  It also teaches about the love, inspiration and beliefs that all teachers have for their students.  The assembly encouraged everyone to trust in their abilities always.  Thank you, Dr. Toscano for this inspirational assembly. 

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