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James H. Boyd Intermediate




Final Goodbye

As Boyd's students board the bus for their last time this school year, teachers and staff gathered around the bus circle to wave our final goodbye to the buses.  We also gathered for our annual staff photo.  This year, we say our goodbyes to Mrs. Zatulskis, Mr. Heiss and Mrs. Driscoll who are retiring.  We also say goodbye to Mr. Lauro who will be moving to 6th grade.  We wish each and every one of them lots of luck in their future endeavors. 

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Coconutz Concert

Boyd’s own band “The Coconutz” performed for the entire school on Wednesday June 21, 2017.  Everyone attended and sang many popular songs that were played for the audience.  As always, the music got the students and staff up and dancing, while some of our favorite teachers performed.  Mr. Lauro, Mr. Pace, Mr. Heiss, Mr. Kenyon, Mrs. Romano, Mrs. Gotzen-Berg, Mrs. Scotto, Mrs. Friend and Mrs. Cornwell were all on stage for today’s performance.  Teachers were called on stage along with students for one song.  Farewell to Mr. Heiss, Mrs. Zatulskis and Mrs. Driscoll.  What a great way to send them off as we wish them well.  The Coconutz did an amazing job and everyone enjoyed the performance.  You are all wonderful!  Happy Summer!

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Boyd Leadership Assembly

     The Leadership Initiative began as an experiment to see whether or not kids, 4th graders, could benefit from the wisdom of current 5th grade leaders.  Members of the initiative ran a presentation based on their experience in 5th grade.  They were expected to provide students with information, in an effort to help said students be successful as they transition to 5th grade next year.
     In my opinion, both the initiative and the assembly were a success.  According to respective teachers, the kids were enthralled.  They were fully invested in this activity because their peers were the ones leading the presentation.  This initiative is further proof that students are capable of achieving and far surpassing their own expectations as long as we educators believe in them! (Written by Ms. McLeod)

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Elwood Senior Walk

On Monday, June 19, Dr. Toscano and high school principal, Mrs. Burzynski, led a group of graduating seniors through the halls of Boyd for all the students and staff to recognize them for their accomplishments.  They were met with applause from the students and staff as they walked throughout the building shaking and slapping hands with many of the students.  What a wonderful way to honor our seniors!  Let's hope this is the beginning of a new Elwood tradition.  Congratulations to all our graduating seniors!

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Glover Farms Visit

Ms. Woods’ and Ms. Glover’s ENL students took a field trip to Glover Farms! They picked strawberries, fed farm animals and saw the real workings of a local farm, all while having a blast! The students learned about animal feeding and safety, strawberry production and environmental safety. For many of us, it was a never before experienced part of Long Island culture and we were all excited to be a part of it! The group enjoyed the delicious strawberries and fun learning experience shared by all! 

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Flag Day Ceremony

Boyd Intermediate School held its annual Flag Day Ceremony on Wednesday June 14, 2017.  The ceremony began with Boyd Scouts presenting our flag which was followed by the 5th grade band, led by Mr. Kenyon, playing “The Star Spangled Banner”.  Student Council President and Vice President were our Masters of Ceremonies and led our program for the day.  Flag facts were given by students in Miss Magrino’s class and students in Mrs. Tellekamp’s class recited the poem “Old Glory”.  A flag folding ceremony was performed and narrated by Girl Scout Troop 151 members.  The folded flag was presented to Vietnam Veteran Lawrence Lopez whose grandchildren attend Boyd school.  Select Chorus members in grades 3, 4 and 5 assembled, singing patriotic songs, as the audience joined in singing: “America the Beautiful”, “Fifty Nifty”, and “My Country, My Flag”.  They were led by Mrs. Romano and Mrs. Scotto.  The String Trio which accompanied the chorus was led by Mrs. Gotzen-Berg. The fifth grade band ended the tribute with “You’re a Grand Old Flag”.  Mrs. Toscano wrapped up with closing thoughts about honoring the flag.  Happy Flag Day!

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Communities Around the World

As a culminating project, the students in Mrs. Friend's class researched various countries via the internet, books and videos. They presented their information of each country's  culture, geography and history and how they shape a community. Presentations included music, dance, visuals and an oral presentation.

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Fifth Grade Trip

As the fifth graders, teachers and parents boarded the buses for the Fifth Grade Trip, we had the chance to take a few pictures of the students and the buses.  They will be traveling to Queens to board a boat for a trip around New York City.  Hope they have a wonderful day!

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Spring Orchestra and Chorus Concert

Boyd students and staff enjoyed hearing the orchestra and chorus perform for the school on Monday, May 22, 2017.  The third grade string students, led by Mrs. Gellert performed first and were followed by Mrs. Gellert’s fourth grade orchestra.  Mrs. Gotzen-Berg directed the fifth grade orchestra playing four very challenging pieces.  The orchestra students did a wonderful job!  Finally, the fourth and fifth grade chorus performed, singing four wonderful songs.  They were led by our wonderful vocal music teacher, Mrs. Romano.  Everyone enjoyed the amazing performance!  

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Fairy Tale Ball

This week, third-graders at Boyd participated in the first annual stem Fairy Tale Ball. At the ball, students completed two stem activities based upon fairy tales we studied in class. And one station, the children had to build a house for the Three Little Pigs that was at least 6 cm high, could hold 20 grams, and could withstand the blowing of the wolf. The house could only be made of toothpicks without glue or tape.  At the second station, the children had to build a raft for the three Billy Goats Gruff that could hold the Billy goats and 10 grams for at least 10 seconds. Finally, the children enjoyed our green screen photo booth. A magical time was had by all.

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Spring Daytime Band Concert

On Tuesday May 9, 2017, students in third grade had a chance to watch the spring band concert.  The fourth grade band led the performance playing four musical treats.  They were followed by the fifth grade band that also played four challenging pieces of music for the students and staff.  Both bands were led by Mr. Kenyon, one of our music teachers.  The students were great! Everyone enjoyed the show.  

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Hot Shots!

The Boyd Intermediate School students competed in the basketball  "Hot Shot Challenge".  Congratulations to our champions!
Mrs. Weiss and Mr. Schiraldi

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Dancing With the Teachers!

Congratulation to our Boyd teachers for their wonderful performance last Friday evening at Dancing with the Teachers and for winning the Fan Favorite!  We are proud of your hard work and dedication to the Elwood Community. Thank you to so many of the teachers for coming out to show their support! Boyd truly is the BEST!

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ENL Boyd Bingo

ENL families enjoyed Boyd’s First Bingo Night.  Multi-cultural dishes were prepared by parents and enjoyed by all who attended.  Dr. Toscano, Mrs. Woods and Miss Glover were available to help and provided the Bingo prizes.  A great time was had by all!

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Hall of Science Visit

The whole school enjoyed the visit from The Hall of Science.  The classes had the chance to visit all of the stations.  They included Strawberry DNA, Van De Graf machine, that really made some children's hair stand straight up.  The had the chance to create Ooblek which is neither a solid or liquid.  The learned about aviation and how to fly their creations and make adjustments.  The children learned about gravity by making a Whirly-gig and watching how it floats back to the Earth.  They also had the chance to help construct a roller coaster and see forces in motion.  What a wonderful day was had by all, students, teachers, presenters and administrators too.  


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ENL Homework Club

Mrs. Woods, one of our ENL teachers, hosts a homework club for many of our ENL students.  She guides them and helps them complete the task of homework given by their homeroom teachers.  Many students participate so they can get help doing their homework.

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The Art of Chinese Dance

To help celebrate cultural diversity, the Boyd students enjoyed a wonderful performance of The Art of Chinese Dance.  It was extra special, since Lunar New Year, the year of the Rooster, just happened.  Mr. Andy Chang and the dance troupe taught the students the history and meanings of each dance.  Mr. Chang explained that just like written and spoken language, dance is the language of movement.  The Ribbon Dance was first.  The ribbon represents the cloud which helps to usher in others from above.  It is a folk dance from SE region of China.  The Lost Spear Dance is from the Beijing Opera and has many martial arts movements within the dance.  The most famous worldwide dance is The Fan Dance.  It represents a walk in the garden.  Notice all the flower shapes in the photos.  The troupe then showed the students how to practice for the stage.  Mr. Chang expressed how important concentration is in order to master each move.  The troupe demonstrated front and side kicks, hand movements and how to walk and spin on stage.  The show continued with The Peacock Dance.  This dance replicates the movement of the peacock.  It is from SW region of China. There was audience participation by way of questions and having some students go to the stage to learn ribbon dance movements.  The show ended with The Peace Dance which is from the cold mountain section of NE China.

Thank you PTA, Dr. Toscano and Mr. Chang and the dance troupe.  We love to learn about all cultures, it is a wonderful way to broaden our knowledge.  

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Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly

Boyd held its annual assembly to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Friday January 13, 2015.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Peter Bell, followed by Masters of Ceremony Sabrina Rivera and Ellie Mitola.  The Video Presentation began with a You Tube Video about the March on Washington with the song “We Shall Overcome”.  It was followed by the U2 song and video about Dr. King and a short video of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech.  Fifth grade students introduced a biography presentation, Martin Luther King Jr. Poem and excerpts from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”. Mr. Lauro’s Fifth Grade class played a Civil Rights Jeopardy for the audience.  Following the fifth graders appearance, a school Sing-A-Long was performed by a Select 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Chorus.  Elwood Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Bossert, our special guest,  gave a short speech about Dr. King and his dream and encouraged each student to be accepting of diversities in our society. We were then treated to a video of many students and teachers who joined Dr. Toscano performing, “I Am Boyd” poem.  What a wonderful way to end such a magnificent tribute assembly.  As always, we thank Mrs. Halber-Romano, our vocal music teacher, for her countless hours spent preparing students for this performance.  You have outdone yourself again with your dedication to our children.  

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Book Tasting

Mrs. Theodorellis and Ms. Magrino's classes got together for a book tasting. The students were exposed to a plethora of new/interesting books that their peers are reading or have read in the past. Students completed a feedback sheet on their favorite book. The classes got into small groups and shared their books, summaries and discussions with each other. The groups rotated and the children were able to "taste test" many different books. By the end of the day students left with a list of new books that they wanted to read. It was a wonderful experience for all!

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Cranberry Day

For Cranberry Day, the children  rotated through 6 stations, where they completed cranberry-based activities. These activities included measuring the distance a cranberry will bounce, estimating the number of cranberries in a container, creating cranberry art, tasting different types of cranberries, simulating a cranberry bog, and others. It was a "cran"tastic day!

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Junior Achievement Third Grade

Our third grade classes enjoyed a wonderful and educational day with the Junior Achievement Program.  Each class spent the day in the “JA Our City” program learning practical information about businesses and the main occupations found in those businesses within a typical day.  The children all participated in 5 different sessions including, but not limited to, Inside Cities, Building a City, Dining Out, Making Headlines and You Can Bank on It.  The students had a terrific time acquiring many new skills and concepts.  Meet the future city planners and Thank you, Junior Achievement.

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Visiting Author Sarah Albee

The students at Boyd were privileged to welcome author, Sarah Albee.  She is a New York Times best-selling author who has written over 100 kids’ books. Some of her books include; Why’d They Wear That?, Bugged and Poop Happened.   These days she writes mostly nonfiction history and science books.  We appreciate her sharing her knowledge about writing and the process she follows when writing.  Thank you PTA for such a wonderful assembly.

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Halloween 2016 

Halloween morning 2016 was very cold and windy.  In spite of the weather, students marched in our annual parade led by Mr. Kenyon and the fifth grade band. Dr. Bossert joined our parade as a minion and Dr. Toscano came dressed as a "cool" emoji with sunglasses.  It was a fun day of learning. 

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International Dot Day


Boyd Intermediate School celebrated International Dot Day on 9-15.  The school community was encouraged to wear their dots to school.  The students experienced a reading of Peter H. Reynold's book, The Dot.  This day is for all people to harness their creativity.  It also teaches about the love, inspiration and beliefs that all teachers have for their students.  The assembly encouraged everyone to trust in their abilities always.  Thank you, Dr. Toscano for this inspirational assembly.  Thank you, Mrs. Scotto for leading us in the “Dot Song”.  Happy Dot Day to all.

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Britannica School

We now have a subscription to the Encyclopedia Britannica Digital edition

Username: elwood

Password: learn

Thanks Mrs. Kossowsky, our Librarian/Media Specialist for this!


The World Almanac for Kids

Good News! We now have a subscription to The World Almanac for Kids Online.  

Username: boyd-is

Password: students

Many thanks to Mrs. Kossowsky, our wonderful librarian for arranging this!