Below is the complete list of sports & athletics offered here at the Elwood-John H. Glenn High School and the Elwood Middle School along with their respected coaches.

Elwood-John H. Glenn High:




Varsity Football

David Shanahan
Matt Cerullo (Asst. Coach)
Fred Fusaro (Asst. Coach)

Junior Varsity Football

Thomas Brocking
  Chris Lafferty (Asst. Coach)

Varsity Boys Soccer

Louis Hanner

Junior Varsity Boys Soccer

Kenneth Mulvihill

Varsity Girls Soccer

Briana Campisi

Junior Varsity Girls Soccer

Riccardo Nardelli

Varsity Girls Tennis

Frank Schiraldi

Junior Varsity Girls Tennis

Pamela Hanuszek

Varsity Boys Golf

Joseph Pace

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Kevin Cook

Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

Alessia Franco

Varsity Boys Cross Country

Joseph Burke

Varsity Girls Cross Country

Jennifer Vacchio

Varsity Cheerleading

Ashleen Betts

Junior Varsity Cheerleading
 Lori Fornaro